Vision & Objectives


The Franciscan vision of education is drawn from the teachings of Jesus Christ, St. Francis of Assisi and Rev. Bro. Paulus Mortiz. It also draws inspiration from the sages and prophets of our land and is deeply rooted in its culture.

The Vision of the School is:
"Formation of Person with Moral Uprightness, Social Responsibility and Pursuit of Excellence."


The objective of this institution is education of the whole person. Hence right from the beginning it gears at an integral formation (character, intellectual, moral, spiritual, physical and social) of the young who in turn will build up our nation in justice and truth respecting the dignity of each individual person, with civics sense.
Enable the full potential of all students and staff.
We work hard to make sure that every child who joins us is recognized as a star and helped to be part of our school community.