Manager/Principal Message

Dear Parents, guardians, students & well wishers of St. Francis School, Indara, 

In today's chaotic society and in changing scenario, I strongly feel that our youth has an immense responsibility towards their society and their education which acts as a powerful instrument of profound social transformation. Ever since the inception of St. Francis School, our teachers have been instilling in the minds of the pupils that they are the builders of a renewed society. Thus we march forward gaining strength and knowledge from our daily experiences of life in imparting quality education and fostering character formation. 
Besides being value based, our education is career oriented, ensuring the all round development of the students and grooming them into conscientious human beings and good citizens, who will one day be agents of social justice and societal transformation in their work place and make a difference to the society.
Our aim and objective is not to make the students extraordinary, but to engage, excite and motivate them to learn more and more about their academic curriculum, to encourage them in their curiosity and satisfy their urge to creativity, so that they will be able ultimately to transform their creative ideas into creations and innovations. This is why within the given means we conduct and organize a number of educational festivals, creative morning assemblies, competitions, and tests, other than their usual classroom activities. 
I am proud to say that, with the grace of God and with the guidance of St. Francis, the Patron of our school, our pupils have always achieved very good results and have brought laurels, in various fields. St. Francis stands for simplicity, discipline, diligence, dedication and success, be in academics, cultural or sports activities. Our dedicated staff is committed to carry on these ideals. 
I wish to convey my profound gratitude to all the teachers and the ministerial staff for their unstinting service and unflinching devotion for which the management is always grateful and appreciative. 
This Website will give you a glimpse of the educational activities in the school.

St. Francis School
Indara, Mau, (U.P.), India-275102